Fish Outs

Fish-outs are offered by the Club as an opportunity for members to get together and enjoy a day of fishing with other Club members. Many members find that Fish-outs not only give them the motivation to get out on the water but also explore fishing opportunities they may not otherwise discover. While these are not intended solely as educational outings, participants find they broaden their knowledge of our local area and improve their skills by association with the more seasoned members of the club. (For insurance purposes, Fish-outs are for members only. If questions, please ask.)

Notice:  Due to the current Social Distancing Rules recommended by the provincial government, all scheduled Fish Outs are cancelled until further notice. However, the MICFFC encourages members to go fishing with friends and members as long as appropriate social distancing and other government recommended rules to avoid potentially contracting COVID-19 are practiced.  We look forward to being able to re-establish regularly scheduled Fish Outs in the near future.

Check us out on Facebook to see who is out fishing.  Best Regards, Michel Vallee


Articles of interest

Beach Fishing Primer 2019 – updated  2020      Power Point Presentation from meeting September 2019

Salmon fishing Primer – 2019 and  Beach Fishing Chart 101    Handouts from same meeting in 2019

Beach Fishing for Coho  October 2020

Euro Nymphing Guide 2020  November 2020

How to Fish a Popper    2020

Care and Maintenance of Equipment    2020

Smoked Salmon Recipe – Cormack Gates – 2020

10 Tips for Fishing in Still Waters   (to be added soon)

2021 FISH OUTS  watch this page for updates

The Fish-Out Committee has not yet prepared a new schedule for 2021.    Fish-outs are usually planned with a variety of options including weekend and weekday events, access to all types of water courses (lakes, rivers, and beaches) and seasonal fly fishing opportunities (Rainbow Trout in Spring and Pink Salmon in Fall).


March 7th, Saturday                         Fuller Lake                                         leader, Michel Vallee
March 20th, 21st & 22nd              Lois Lake                                              leaders, Cormack Gates & Garry Fisher
May 5th, Tuesday                              Spider Lake                                            leader, Al McLean
May 20th, Wednesday                      Elk River                                                leader, Garry Fisher
May 29th to June 2nd,                 Gavin Lake                                        leader, Michel Vallee
June 10th, Wednesday                   Cowichan River                                   leader, Wayne Moorman
Late July                                       Campbell/Quinsam                                leader, Jeff Allen
Early August                                     Eve River                                               leader, Phillip Carter
Mid to Late August                        Nile Creek                                               leader, tbd
September 19th, Saturday            Wowo Lake                                             leader, Michel Vallee
October 5th to 10th                    Puntledge River                                    leader, Jeff Allen
Mid to Late October             Miracle Beach/Royson/Deep Bay         leader,  Cormack Gates


April 28th, Sunday                           Spider Lake                    leader, Al McLean
May 22nd, Wednesday                   Green Lake                     leader, Garry Fisher
June 6th, Thursday                          Elk River                      leader, Cormack Gates
Late July Date TBA               Quinsam/Campbell Rivers    leader, Brian Dodd
August 22nd, Thursday                  Nile Beach                  leader, Wayne Moorman
Sept. 26th, Thursday            Royston/Miracle Beach         leader, Cormack Gates
October 10th, Thursday             Puntledge River                leader,  Michel Vallee