Mid-Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club

Education Committee – New Courses for 2017

The Education Committee is preparing a series of learning opportunities that will appeal to people who have not experienced the fun associated with fly fishing and to experienced fishers who are seeking opportunities to hone skills and to learn about the new innovations associated with the sport.

The best part of fishing is catching a fish regardless of how elegant or ugly you throw a line.  Being able to cast a fly where you want it to land adds to the enjoyment of the sport and most fishers benefit from regular casting practice.   A series of casting clinics and practices occurs as demand requires.  Tying flies for personal use is enjoyable and self gratifying (and possibly more productive compared to completing a crossword).  Fly tying classes are planned throughout the year.

The Education Committee is committed to providing courses that meet the needs of members and is open to suggestions for potential learning opportunities.  Please email Bruce Morrison with suggestions for new courses.

Review this site regularly for updates.

Tying Flies and Sharing Stories 

This is an opportunity for club members to meet and to enjoy tying flies together.

The gathering is not a formal class but members will benefit from sharing the collective knowledge of the group.

Where: Shelly Hall, Parksville

When:  October 28th and November 12th

Time: 1pm-4pm

Fee: $5.00 to cover hall rental

 The Fundamentals of Fly Fishing

The Education Committee will be presenting the Mid-island Castaways’ almost famous fly fishing course.  This program is designed for novice fly fishers and for people who have never fished before.  Rods and reels will be available for loan.  The only things a student needs to bring is an interest in fishing and a smile.

The course is postponed.  The Education Committee is re-building the program and the future date for delivery is not known at this time.

Level:  Beginner and Novice

Time:  TBA

Location:  TBA